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O.K. This is my first time reviewing, I hope I do well. Tell me my errors please.Thank you.(Sorry if the picture isn't there it should be but I'm not very computer literate and this computers kinda old so, sorry.)


This comedy is one of Mel Brooks earliest and in my opinion the best. It is based in the old west, making fun of Westernes and racism at every turn. Rockridge, where a railroad is going to be built through the peaceful town making the land worth a fortune, to bad the townsfolk aready own it . Under the nose of dimwitted Gov. LePetomane (Brooks),the evil Hedy *whoops* Hedley Lamarr sends a mob and a black sheriff to the town named Bart "...that will so offened the people that they will leave Rockridge to me..." When Bart allies himself with Jim, a drunkered and the former Waco Kid, and battles the seductive Laura VonShtup*, the huge Mongo, and Hedley Lamarr's private army of Theives, Bounty Hunters, Murderes, Bushwackers, and....Methodist, this all mixes up to a great classic comedy. I give it a 4 3/4

*Not sure if I spelled this right.
I'm sorry if I didn't do the film justic, fell free to tell me if I didn't.
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That was just fine for a first attempt. But, if you'll take some criticism, you're review could use some! Criticism, I mean. Other than throwing around a couple words like "classic", basically what you've given is a synopsis of the film, and not a review at all. Give us some of your personal thoughts, what makes it a classic comedy specifically in your estimation? Churning out the major plot points isn't much of a review. You can get that from the TV Guide. Tell us what you liked about it.

And the always wonderful Madeline Kahn's character, brilliantly sending-up Marlene Dietrich in Destry Rides Again (1939), is Lili von Shtupp.
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