Garden State (2004) - Zach Braff

I am anticipating this independent film created by the lead actor on the popular television show "Scrubs". Including starring in "Garden State", Braff also wrote and directed it. I am very impressed from his success thus far with this film. An official selection at Sundance, he is already receiving acclaim for his directorial debut and being noted on his artisitc prowess.

The film is a Drama/Comedy genre mesh that is sure to grab your attention laughing, or emotionally striking. After only reading up on the reviews and the teaser/trailer, I am already sold that this should be a unique and successful film also groundbreaking for his career as a filmmaker. Take a look at the trailer at or directly at:

It follows Braff returning home to attend his mother's funeral, confronting his father and friendships altered by his removal from his hometown, all since withdrawing from the use of his anti-depressant medication.

The cast is incredibly diverse, and more importantly talented. Along with Braff, are Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, Iam Holm and uniquely enough, Method Man. I am sure that the performance by all these individuals should make for an interesting film on all platforms.

I would like to know if anyone has indeed seen "Garden State" before its 2004 summer release?

I am eager to see his directorial debut. From the trailer I can see that he himself isn't taking filmmaking lightly and so far seems to understand the art of cinema, displaying an interesting array of a provoking combination of artistic value, acting and camera work.

This also should launch a parade of more independently made/funded films in the near future.

Let me know your input on the trailer or any information on the film itself.


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