Movies about Party/Circus Clowns?


I would like to see movies about people working as Clowns nothing terrifying just normal people working in Circus or Party Clowns i want to see what is the life of people who dedicate themselves to those jobs

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If you want to learn about "real life" try watching documentaries. Such as Circus (2010), a documentary tv series.

Here are a few recommendations:

"Patch Adams" (1998) - This film stars Robin Williams as a doctor who uses humor and clowning to improve the lives of his patients.

"Billy Rose's Jumbo" (1962) - This musical film depicts the life of circus performers, including clowns, and their experiences working in a traveling circus.

"The Greatest Showman" (2017) - While not specifically focused on clowns, this musical film provides a glimpse into the lives of various circus performers, including those who entertain as clowns.