la planete sauvages i.e. fantastic planet

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anybody seen this? any thoughts on it?
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we're all as mad as hatters here

I remember seeing it on TV years ago, and being intrigued by it's style, but I can't recall the plot.
Let us go, Through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
And sawdust restaurants with oyster shells

From The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S.Eliot

That's funny. I have it on tape, most people I know haven't seen it, actually I haven't seen it since the last time I dropped some acid. It's a great little mind trip movie like Yellow Submarine and Wizards.
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it's a very trippy movie. i can't imagine seeing it on illicit substances . it is out on dvd. there is one thing about the dvd though. even if you watch it in the english dub the subs still stay on. and the subs are a different translation then the dialogue. the dvd does have some interesting short films rene laloux though. i guess he has another feature length movie out on dvd, time masters i think it is called. i'd kinda like to check it out.
the score to it is really interesting too.

I remember watching it and thinking it was pointless.... But like Slayton said it is a mind trip movie... and those types of movies often require the use of drugs.... but then I wouldn't know. I've never done drugs.

Thread necromancy again . . . sorry.

I like this animated flick but everything about it is strange. The animation is different than what we're used to nowadays. It is simpler (and I assume cheaper to develop) but it also has a weirdness about it that attracted me the first time I saw it many years ago (the French/Czech film was made in 1973). Also, the soundtrack is strange and the plot is very unique and imaginative and also a little weird. Basically, a weird little movie. I'd give it a solid 2.5/4.0 -- deserves a look.




A glimpse at a fantastic planet in a distant dimension of the Universe where Draags are the dominant specie. They are very intelligent creatures who thrive for out-of-body meditative experiences. They keep Ohms, human like creatures, as pets. But when the intelligence of the Ohms rises and disrupts balance of the Draag way of life turmoil ensues. Will they find peace or will one specie become eliminated? RenŤ Laloux's portrayal of this truly wonder filled world is so believable. Overflowing with creativity. I love the attention given to the fine details, from a curious Draag wondering why an Ohm baby cries to the saggy boobs on the old wOhman(see what I did there?). Also worth mentioning is the soundtrack. Originally produced by Alain Goraguer, it sets a very meditative, chill, groovy vibe. Turns out this guy also composed a **** load of music for pornos in the 70's and 80's, figures. I absolutely loved everything about this feature.



Just bought the novel which was translated to English a couple years back for the first time. Excited to read it.

I like it very much, included it on my top 50 favorite animated films and did it without using drugs.

I rate it
. It is great but not a masterpiece of animation.