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Jason Takes Manhattan vs. Under Siege


Manhattan or Siege?
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Whose ship is coming in?

ki ki ki ma ma ma
Manhattan all day. Hodder would whip Seagal.

Under Siege for sure. Jason Takes Manhattan is not only a lie right there in the title, it's straight up not a good movie.

Psychopathic Psychiatrist
JASON TAKES MANHATTAN is one of the actually most entertaining FXIII movies out there! I also love its title sequence/music.

Everyone who claims the opposite is either:

.) a Fanboy, taking the whole thing way too serious
.) not understanding how a "good movie" actually works
.) generally unaware of wtf he is talking about in general

BTW that scene with Jason throwing that big guy over the counter, it was Ken Kierzinger!

UNDER SIEGE is a cult classic from a time when Seagull wasn´t selling his fat soul to the cheapest studios and lowest production values out there, RIP Steven.