Was Suspiria originally in English?


Victim of The Night
No, it was almost all dubbed in, so, as was common at the time, on-set some people spoke English, some people spoke Italian or whatever, and then they just dubbed it over in English (and I'm sure there's at least an Italian dub somewhere). I think I remember reading somewhere that in the scene where Suzy is talking to the professor, Jessica Harper was saying her lines in English and the other actor was actually speaking German and she couldn't understand him. It's also weird because, I guess some of the dialogue is from on-set mics (with the English-speaking actors) and is mixed in with the rest of the actors being overdubbed so you get this weird mix of Jessica Harper's dialogue being actually as she said but then the person she's speaking to is actually speaking Italian or German and that is dubbed to English.

Edit - In case I misunderstood your question, there is apparently a version where it is dubbed into Italian, but I don't know how to find that version.

I think the physical media copies usually have the Italian audio. (I just confirmed, my Synapse Blu-ray has Italian language dialogue as an option).

Keep on mind, the lead, Jessica Harper, speaks English and Argento lamented he couldn't find a voice actress that replicated the sound of her voice. i.e. if you're going for authenticity of sound matching the actor (and mostly avoiding the lip sync issue of the words fundamentally being different), you're basically sacrificing the lead for only some of the other characters if you go the Italian route. Upside, while I've never watched them myself, I've heard it's better explained at the end why they want to kill Jessica Harper, so you'll get that.