Movies with Jazz/Jazz Fusion Scores in Them


So I have been curious to watch a movie or tv show that consists of music that is related to jazz fusion(Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Soft Machine, etc). I want to see what feeling I will get from a movie like that. As said on my related thread, "This idea hatched after I listened to an album called Third by Soft Machine months ago. When I heard a track called Out-Bloody Rageous, I was intrigued by this saxophone riff. Video will skip to what I am referring to.
The entire album feels very 70s indeed, and I was kind of looking for a show with this kind of music.".

I was thinking about Godard’s movies and several of them have jazzy scores such as Breathless and Band of Outsiders.*I always get kind of excited when I hear that Michel Legrand is doing the score(notable case being with Cleo from 5 to 7). Miles Davis composed Elevator to the Gallows’ score.

For jazz fusion I do not know but I kind of wish Soft Machine scored a movie. I guess if Soft Machine does not score my movie, then I will have to play their tracks with the movie I am watching.