Oriental ruler delivers the line ďa little bit of a problemĒ line.


Hi, I am searching for a movie where an oriental ruler delivers the line ďa little bit of a problemĒ.*

The scene has a emperor or oriental ruler type person standing and looking down on a visitor who has travelled a long way and done some great deeds.**The visitor has the expectation of some reward or payoff from the ruler due to some prior agreement. The ruler says to the visitor ďI think we have a little bit of a problemĒ. Or something very similar to that. This means that whatever deal the visitor was expecting is not going to happen.

It is a color film. The ruler has an oriental appearance and accent. His clothes are shiny blue or green (I think) in the oriental robe style. I think I watched this movie in about 2017 but I donít think it was a new release.

The reason I remember the scene is the delivery of the line. Itís a great line and I would love to see it again. I canít believe I canít remember anything else about it.

Thank you for your thoughts.

I just watched the last samurai and while it is not the movie i am looking for it was great to watch. Thanks so much for the suggestion.*

Will check out the great wall. A quick look at the trailer doesn't ring any bells though. Thanks for the suggestion

I watched the Great Wall and itís not it. Thanks for your ideas.

Is the visitor Chinese or European?
I think the visitor is European. I also have a vague recollection that there may be a child involved - not sure.

Was the movie originally in English or was it subtitled?
Itís in English. No subtitles and not dubbed.

Thanks for those lists. I will check them out.

There was a TV miniseries in 1980 called Shogun. It was about an English captain shipwrecked in Japan. He's under the protection of a Japanese lord. The captain is building a ship under the guidance of the lord. At the end of the series, the ship is seemingly burned by an enemy clan (it was really burned by the Japanese lord). The lord informing the captain about the destruction of his ship could fit your scenario.

Thank you for this really great suggestion. I have had a look at shogun and it is not familiar to me and this isnít the movie Iím thinking of but it has a similar vibe. Thanks for your thoughts, really appreciate it.

If the characters employ weapons, are they swords/bows & arrows/spears or firearms? And, if the latter, primitive or relatively modern (i.e. 19th century)?