Movie where a nymph (woman) legs are being eaten (next to a pool)?!


Hello dear forum users,

A friend asked me if I can find this movie, so, although not very descriptive, I am trying to give the best description possible, based on the limited information I've been provided. If someone can help - they'd deserve a medal.

Anyways, so in the movie, there is a writer, and a nymph/woman/something female whos legs are being eaten by a creature/s, either every time the writer stops writing or maybe just once, or maybe it has nothing to do with the writer... Supposedly, the nymph is standing next to a body of water, be it a pool, well, lake or God knows what.

Guessing the movie could have been released in the past 13-17 years.

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A system of cells interlinked
^^^ That was my guess, also...
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Haven't seen it, but some of your plot points match up with Lady in the Water
Thank you all for the responses - this is it