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Enemies are so stimulating.
i did a search for this but it didnt come up with it so forgive me if there is already one around.

anyhoo...just wondered what people thought about the trailer if you have seen it? ive had the original ladykillers film on vcd for about a year now but hadnt got around to watching it. the new film reminded me of that so i watched it today. i really loved it and the new one does look very funny too. tom hanks looked good too. very creepy smile he had going on in it. i hope they do it well though. be a shame if they messed it all up or made it too american.

what do you guys think anyway?

anyone hate tom hanks? i know people who do
anyone hate remakes?
anyone a huge fan of the original and want the bastards who remade it to die a slow and painful death even if the film turns out well?
I don't have Parkinson's. I inherited my shaking head from my grandfather Hepburn. I discovered that whisky helps stop the shaking. Problem is, if you're not careful, it stops the rest of you too. My head just shakes, but I promise you, it ain't gonna fall off!


I'm looking forward to the ladykillers also. Hanks and Wayans should make a funny on-screne duo and I'm glad its rated R so that the humor will have an "adult" theme.

Kaiser "The Devil" Soze
The Trailer looks hype I'm dying to see this.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong but tunneling to a bank to get money... was this a sherlock holmes story also?
And like that .... he's gone