80ís Summer camp movie


Iím not so think as you drunk I am
Can anyone help me figure out what this movie might be? It would have been made in the early 80ís. Pretty sure itís American but possibly Canadian.
I donít know if it was a made for TV movie or cinema or straight to video.
The only plot points I remember are there was a young teen boy at this lakeside camp who couldnít swim and his cabin mates start teaching him in a bathtub belonging to the camp director or counciller or something by sneaking in when they arenít there. I also recall thereís some hermit that lives in the nearby woods who they all think is an axe maniac or something but he turns out to be an old frustrated artist who uses an axe dipped in paint to throw at his canvas. It would be great if someone could tell me the title of this movie.

Iím not so think as you drunk I am
No. Not Madman. Itís for a younger audience. I donít think it even falls under the horror genre, but thanks for your reply.

Iím not so think as you drunk I am
Yep. Thanks guys, I think youíre right. That was driving me to distraction 😸