Father and son floating down a river


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I only got to see part of this movie and I want to see the rest but I cannot find it for the life of me. I think it is an indie film. The portion of the film that I saw featured a black man and his teenage son getting on a raft and floating down a river in the deep South. They were trying to remain hidden and the father was explaining life lessons to his son as they floated. At what one point they stopped by a dilapidated bar built on the river that is occupied by an older bald white man and a heavyset black woman. The three adults get really drunk that night and I did not get to see how the movie ended. It seemed like a heartfelt film that dealt with gritty reality and I really wanted to see the end of it. If thereís anyone who can interpret what I have just said and tell me the title I would be very grateful.

Iím almost certainly wrong but I feel like this option needs to be eliminated: could it be some iteration/adaptation of Huckleberry Finn?

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No but thank you for trying