~Old Movie ( Black and White) - Mystery House with traps


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Hi guys...

I am trying to find a movie watched looong time ago.

Kind of feels like one of the Abbott and Costello.

I don't remember much, but I remember one scene.

It was a big house like a villa, mysterious. 2 people were talking ina room with a chair and desk, the other person turn around and the other of the 2 characters sat down on a chair - arm chair, suddenly the chair flipped back and the person fall down through a secret passage through the floor down to the water under the house... like a lake.

And the same happened when one of the seneschal, servants sat down and again chair flipped. the person later run up through the stairs.

That is all I remember

Anyone can help please?

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It has been so long that I barely recognised it.

It looks like this is it although I remembered it differently

Thank you

The film you remember is "Topper Returns", from 1941.