Иди и смотри / Come and see (1985) - Elem Klimov

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Hi! There is allready a fim topic on this forum here:


But I wanted to share a tribute video that I just made. Therefore I created this post.

Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Come_and_See

My video tribute:

Note: This film can be viewed free of charge on the official Mosfilm Studio You Tube channel, just type the film tiltle in the cirillic alphabet "Иди и смотри". It has english subtitles.

If my memory recals, the main actor was 14 years old, and almost died when a bullet scraped his head, during a scene.

All the fire fighting was performed by actual soldiers of the Red Army in 1984/5, using live rounds of ammunition, as required by soviet cinema, when you had a film director like Elem Klimov.

I have a clip of that somewhere, with the live bullets passing over thye actor's head...

I will try to re.upload it...