One of the best films of 2021 so far


My favorite movie is Avatar (2009) and what's your favorite movie.

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It's probably a bot, but I'm still gonna answer the question.

2021 isn't one of the big standout years for movies, though there are still a few great ones. My favorite right now is White Trash, a very thrilling Swedish movie of the kind you don't see much of nowadays. You can tell the director is inspired by Guy Ritchie, but manages to make the thing not feel like a total copy. Donald Hgberg r nothing short of incredible, a very scary mobster who's darkly hilarious at the same time.
Second place is The Last Duel, which I highly recommend for those wondering if Ridley Scott's still got it. A complex story which leaves you with a lot to think about by the end. I've seen Adam Driver in a few movies and he always does a good job, but this has to be the best performance I've seen from him. Matt Damon has done well in layered roles as shown by Jason Bourne and excels here too.
After that I would say either Knocking or Be My Voice.

Second place is The Last Duel, which I highly recommend for those wondering if Ridley Scott's still got it. A complex story which leaves you with a lot to think about by the end.
Can't wait for The Last Duel, but I have to, cause there's yet another 3 week lockdown over here..

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2021 has been one of the best years for film for a very long time. I don't know whether it's because I've watched quite a few !

The top 20 here are all quality films.

1. Quo Vadis, Aida?
2. Beginning
3. Nomadland
4. Sound of Metal
5. Identifying Features
6. Servants
7. After Love
8. Dear Comrades
9. Limbo
10. New Order
11. Petit Maman
12. Song without a Name
13. Wildfire
14. Pig
15. Slalom
16. The Silent Forest
17. Moving On
18. Power of the dog
19. Bulado
20. Son of Monarchs
21. Shiva Baby
22. Apples
23. Pieces of a Woman
24. My heart can’t beat unless you tell it to.
25. Nowhere Special
26. 7 Prisoners
27. The Father
28. Preparations to be together for an unknown period of time
29. The World to Come
30. Taipei suicide story
31. Blue Bayou
32. Lorelei
33. The Night House
34. Bo Burnham Inside
35. Oxygen
36. Surge
37. The Killing of Two Lovers
38. Dune
39. Wild Indian
40. Language Lessons
41. Beans
42. zola
43. Censor
44. The Man with the answers
45. The Woman who Ran
46. The Green Knight
47. Holler
48. The Mole Agent
49. The Toll
50. Cowboys
51. Land
52. No time to die
53. The Feast

best films of '21.. avatar 2009? Bots be bottin'..
My favorite is Gone with the Wind.
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So far my top 5 would be:

1. Free Guy
2. Queenpins
3. The Ice Road
4. Jungle Cruise
5. Zack Snyder's Justice League

The Night House is my favorite movie of the year. And possibly top 10 all time for me

I will start with two medieval ones, The Green Knight and The Last Duel. The western world seems to be sinking once again into this kind of cultural quagmire and I might as well be ready, sharpening my broadsword and shining up my armor.

Then there's The Lamb, a Swedish movie, part of my actual cultural baggage and another piece of how our culture is sinking into a strange place, as a couple adopt a lamb (like a furry one) and treat it like their kid.

Then, back in the real world, there's Spencer. I recall the whole Princess Diana drama well enough to have a cheesy pleasure in seeing it dramatized. There wasn't a whole lot of substance there, but Kristin Stewart was good at mimicking Diana's poses. She must have checked out all of the Life Magazine editions in the public library that had the millions of Diana photos.

Finally, in my top 5 is Last Night in Soho. It's an enjoyable weird plot and I was really in the mood for something urban. I think I would have actually preferred that it be in the NYC version of SOHO and had a small role for Woody Allen, but Brit and urban was nearly as enjoyable.

2021 has not been a movie year. I am waiting for the spider man new movie. hope are high!

I usually catch up with films later in the current year or the next. Because of that, I've only seen 6 films from 2021, but here they are...

  1. Red Dot -
  2. Raya and the Last Dragon -
  3. Black Widow -
  4. Blood Red Sky -
  5. Blue Miracle -
  6. Spiral -

Now, isn't it odd that the two 3.5's start with "R", and the three 3's start with "BL"??

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