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Man stands on jetty and gets decapitated by planes propeller


Ok, not alot to go on here, but this has been driving me mad for the last few years. I watched a film some forty years ago on the TV around 1980 i would suspect. Now if it was on the TV it must have been considerably older.

The only scene i recall is the above, a man was standing on a jetty and a plane comes in and decapitates him with the planes front propeller.

I have never seen the film since and have no idea what it was called or who was in it, but i can only imagine there is one film with such a scene in.

If anyone knows i would love to find out what it was.

There is? Oh yes but the plane is on the ground isn't it.

I have seen this film many times and definitely not this film. Just had a look and cannot believe this was released in 1981, crazy.

In the UK films didn't get released onto TV for years so i would say the film i am thinking of would have been made before mid/late 70's.

Thanks for you input though

Well thank you so much, to get such a quick response, amazing.

I will have to find it and watch it. Made my day, i do hope it is good.

Thanks again