Good later 80s thrillers


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I recently noticed that there are lot of similarities in the way ghost and fatal attraction movies look and feel despite being different subject matters.
Could you suggest some thrillers where cities look gloomy and dark like in those movies ?

I always liked The Jagged Edge. It's a little polished but it's pretty good, was popular at the time, for sure.
Body Heat and Blow Out are a little earlier but they're both very good.
No Way Out's pretty good.
Blood Simple, obviously.
Thief is a favorite.

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The Last Seduction was a favorite of mine. Linda Fiorentino was awesome, in a Wile E. Coyote way, and I really loved the soundtrack. Not sure how it would hold up nowadays, but I have fond memories of it.

1994, though.
Get working on your custom lists, people !

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Someone to Watch Over Me
Into The Night
The Hidden
Fear City
Best Seller
Blue Steel
Bad Influence
Internal Affairs
Year of the Dragon
The Big Easy
To Live and Die in LA

House of Games
Prince of the City
Black Rain
At Close Range
Year of the Dragon
After Hours
Body Heat
Body Double
Dressed to Kill
Fatal Attraction
Blow Out
Best Seller
Blood Simple
Blue Velvet

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Sea of Love (1989) was a good 80s thriller with moments of darkness. Al Pacino and John Goodman made good cop partners using personal ads to track down a killer who leaves the Sea of Love song playing during each murder.