Lots of kids in small apartment


Trying to remember a movie or series where there is...

A family living in a small one-room, rooftop apartment. The kids might be named after continents. One is Australia I think. The kids live with mom and are minor characters; the man (who may I may not be their father) is a main character. The mom always appears frazzled.

It was either in a "artsy" film or series, might have been a comedy.

Don't remember the year, but definitely in the last 10 years. No idea on genre, but probably comedy or artsy film?

Yes, hard to find. And yes, IMDb was no help. That's why I'm here!

What Happened to Monday is about identical septuplets in a world where only a single child per family is allowed. The girls are given the name of the day of the week they're allowed out of the house when they pretend to be the sole child in the family. They're not named after continents.

No, it wasnt Monday. This family was not a main feature of the plot but a side-plot to develop the main character. Thanks though!