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Does anyone know where to get this LIT shirt? I saw it up for bids on ebay with a bunch of other signed LIT merch for a large amount of money. If anyone know where I could buy one it would be awesome, these shirts are pretty funny. Here is a pic of it.


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wouldn't it be easier to make one yrself in one of those photocopy shop, Kinko's or such???

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Originally Posted by porterror
These shirts are pretty funny. Here is a pic of it.
Maybe I've lost my sense of humour but that shirt ain't funny, cool design but not really funny. It'd be pretty hard to find those shirts but check out..........wait no...what?...........ok I just found all these Japanese anime shirts that say lost in translation on them, but they definately aren't from the movie.

Some weird cartoon with big glowing hair...ok then well you're on your own. I checked out google for a while but didn't get much, so at least you don't have to look there heheh good luck

Um I dont know where you found that pic, but it's obviously an army camoflage shirt inside out with the letters written on it most likely added with photoshop. I hope you didnt actually pay $$$ for it. There is nothing official about that shirt. The poster in the top corner is about the only thing official in that pic.


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Yeah, I'd say if you want to look like Murray in the clubbing scene, just go to an army surplus store or a Dick's Sporting Goods or maybe even a K-Mart or Target on a good day and find an unmarked one and wear it inside out yourself.

Don't bother putting the letters on it. It ruins the effect.

For a real laugh, though, you could always iron on it: VOTE FOR PEDRO. That'd throw everybody off.

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I remember i once had a shirt made that said shirt on it. LAUGH OUT LOUD!
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