Trailer for Old (new M. Night Shyamalan)


Sounds pretty scary, but authentic in the same time.... I've seen a bunch of films and 1 TV Show with Gael García Bernal; and M. Night Shyamalan makes pretty odd but interesting movies....
It seems like worth seeing !
“Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will have another coffee...”
― Unknown

I didn't like too much - his latest movie Glass either... I was hoping for something more.
He had a few good movies though - like The sixth Sense, Split, Unbreakable....

Saw this last night. It was okay.

Shyamalan is still shockingly clumsy about exposition sometimes. It's always comically obvious which little asides are going to turn out to have been foreshadowing. I'm not sure how someone who's shown so much skill so young could so consistently get this sort of thing wrong. There's out-and-out infodumps later in the film spelling out things that any half-intelligent viewer can fill in themselves, delivered by people who have no reason to say them out loud to the others around, and while very obvious, more elegant options are just sitting there. It's perplexing. There's maybe two or three scenes around the end that are just totally unnecessary, too.

All that said...I do have a couple of compliments.

1) There's a few good ideas in here! I understand that this is based on a graphic novel, or somesuch, so I'm not sure how much credit to give Night because I don't know what's his and what isn't. But the premise is pretty well explored and leads to some cool implications. And it does, at least, provide a satisfying explanation in total, even if it pulls up hard at the moral ambiguity inherent in some of what happens.

2) There are several interesting directorial flourishes that caught me off guard (like the kids playing tag). All the more confusing given how lazy some of the story stuff is, to see that he can still do interesting things in surprising places with the camera, and with sound and perspective. There's still a lot of talent here, even though it's kinda just popping its head above the surface now and then like a groundhog.