Willow - most underrated film ever?


Who here remembers the amazing film Willow? This 1988 piece of magic still lives on decades later in lore and I must say, it may be the most underrated film in Hollywood history.
The story is about a little midget who finds a baby (normal) and must protect the baby (normal) from an evil queen. Along his journey the midget meets a band of wonderful characters and an adventure of epic proportions ensues. Disney+ is currently working on a Willow series for release. I cannot wait. I am sure many of you are thinking the same.

Can anyone think of a film that is more underrated?

Willow is very underrated, I remember loving it as a youth. However, the other children use to call me rude names for liking that movie.

I would say another underrated movie from that time period is the movie Russkies. It really changed my perception about Russian men and the love they can show towards American boys. Love Trumps Hate 😀

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Funny, I been meaning to re-watch this for a few years and a friend of mine just did and really enjoyed it.
I'll have to give it a spin.

Yeah it's a little slice of gold from George Lucas and Ron Howard tbh.

Wouldn't say it's underrated though... I've yet to speak to anyone who has anything bad to say about it and it still strikes a cord with kids today.
I showed it to my own kids about 5 years ago when they were sort of 8-10 years old. They loved it.

Was also the first movie to use digital morphing technology and was nominated for 2 Academy Awards, and made $100m+ profit at the box office too.
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