I enjoyed watching this as the actors were likable and the story interesting enough but it never felt like it really decided what kind of movie it wanted to be. If it wanted to focus on the werewolf stuff, it should have spent more time in the village and not had such an abrupt ending. It didn't bother to tie up the ghost story - which seemed like an obvious ending.

If it wanted to focus on David, it should have given some idea of his background and motivations. As it was he was a cipher. It was entirely unclear why Alex was interested in him. She looked at least 10 years older. I couldn't tell you two qualities of the guy. Alex's characterization was limited to "nurse" and her relation to David. Blah. I was really taken out of things when David randomly kisses her in the hospital and she doesn't even bat an eye, like patients do this all the time. Silly.

The only real reason to watch this movie is the epic transformation sequence. That is truly outstanding and well worth the hype. Incredible costuming and practical fx. Save yourselves 95 minutes and youtube that scene.