1,000 Things jiraffejustin Likes


My interests cover a lot of ground, so I wasn't sure where to put this thread. This area of the forum seems like a good catch-all zone, but seems like the place my thread will get less traffic. That's okay, because I don't expect very many of you to be into the exact same things I am into. I'll try to stay active, but don't be surprised if I get to about 33 entries and never come back.

You can expect movies, songs, albums, tv shows, episodes of It's Always Sunny, pro wrestling, amateur wrestling, football, cage fighting, video games, cartoons, Bob Dylan, and maybe even some classical music if I allow myself to be so refined.

I suck at writing, so I'll keep it short. I know you don't want to read an essay about the 72 American Olympic wrestling team, but maybe you'll read a 3 sentence paragraph about the man, the myth, the legend, Dan Gable.

1. Late Registration by Kanye West (2005)

- The album "Gold Digger" is on, and depending on the day, my favorite Kanye album. For those who don't know me that well, I'm probably the biggest Kanye fan and apologist you will find. So, when I say depending on the day, I mean that. I don't usually have an opinion on weekends, but for the five weekdays, there are five different Kanye albums that might be the top one for me.

2. Old Highs and New Lows by Hellbound Glory (2010)

- Country music is my favorite genre of music, and I can appreciate some of the cleaner stuff of the genre. It might not be my favorite, but I understand some of the appeal. The stuff I really like, though, is the stuff that feels like the real south. The stuff that can feel dangerous, the stuff soaked in alcohol, the stuff about bad relationships, the stuff about someone getting cheated on, the stuff about a poor, piece of sh*t dude not being able to get over a loss so he drinks, pills, and drugs himself into an early grave and tells the rest of the world they can f*ck off. Okay, well that last bit might be a little too specific to this album, but this album really nails the hard edge of country music. It also features one of my favorite songs that pays homage to Hank Williams, also a fantastic country trope, the homage to Hank.

3. The Deep (directed by PES; 2010)

- The biggest complaint I have about PES is he's never made a masterpiece. He's made some cute stuff, some interesting stuff, and some clever stuff. What he does must be painstaking. But he only makes 90 second films, so it's really hard to jump to that next level with such a short film. The closest he's ever gotten is The Deep. It features all that cool stop-motion with every day items being reimagined as something totally different, but he nails the creepy deep ocean atomsphere too.

4. "Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G.

- Juicy is probably the least Biggie song, but that's one of the reason it's so good. It's a song where he gets to celebrate his success and it feels good. And he still spits, but it's not about laser beams on someone's forehead or wanting to die or robbing or f*cking someone's bitch. This is a well deserved victory lap. This is the American Dream. Plus he drops the coolest line in the history of hip hop with "honeys play me close like butter play toast".

5. The Nightman Cometh (Season 4, Episode 13 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
TV Episode

- Musical episodes of popular television shows are not a good thing... unless they are as bonkers as The Nightman Cometh. You nerds can have Hamilton, I'll take this.

6. Sombra dolorosa (directed by Guy Maddin; 2004)

- I love pizza and I love ice cream, but I don't love it when you combine the two. I feel the same way with country music and rap music. I probably should feel that way with lucha libre and arthouse bullsh*t, but somehow Guy Maddin made the best possible fusion of the two. Nacho Libre, a masterpiece in its own right, isn't arthouse. You probably knew that already, but I just wanted to throw in the fact that I like Nacho Libre. Maybe I'll add it to the list in a hundred or so entries. But this amazing piece of art is only four minutes long, just watch it, it's worth it, I promise. An old woman wrestles the luchador version of death, a fat dude eats somebody, there's a giant guitar, and it's all in that weird, dreamy style of Guy Maddin.

7. Tenacious D (HBO TV series, 1997)
TV Series

- Speaking of Jack Black. Tenacious D is the exact type of stupidity that works for me. I grew up around the right time for Jack Black and Kyle Gass, even going to a concert during their Rize of the Fenix tour. A fellow who was about 40 thought I was laughing at him and tried to confront me and my friends. That dude was an idiot, but I had a great time. This entry is for the TV show on HBO which I didn't know existed until after I was already into their first two albums and their unfairly panned film. I was prepping for Rize of the Fenix to drop, and my friend dropped the news on me that they had a tv show. My favorite Tenacious D song, "Kyle Took A Bullet For Me" came from the show.

8. Kurt Angle vs Abbas Jadidi (Olympic Gold Medal Match; 1996)
Sporting Event

- Most people that know Kurt Angle know him as the pro wrestler. A lot of people think he is one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time, and those same people think he's the quickest to take to the business. Personally, I think that's all mularkey, to quote the venereal Joe Biden. Kurt's one of the most overrated pro wrestlers of all-time, but his Olympic gold medal winning match is one of the best pro wrestling moments in Olympic history. It has an American, on home soil in one of the biggest rasslin towns of all time, Atlanta, facing the invading foreigner for the championship of the world. The American is smaller, he has a broken freakin' neck, and there is a Dusty finish.

9. Don't (Directed by Edgar Wright; 2007)

- You'll notice a trend. That trend is me posting a bunch of hella short shorts, and not the denim kind. I love ideas that can't expand past two minutes before they overstay their welcome. The fake trailer craze that came with Grindhouse is a net positive, but you don't want too much of that. With Don't, you get a quick parody of British horror trailers of the 70's warning people about what not to do. It's pretty funny while it lasts. Don't watch this.

10. "Highway 51 Blues" by Bob Dylan

- I could have chosen any Dylan song here, but I might as well start with something from his first album. Don't be surprised to see many more Dylan tunes pop up from many different eras. This time I'm going with straight blues Dylan beating his guitar strings like they are owing him money, shout out Tyler Childers. White guy Bob Dylan stealing blues is great.

We have nothing in common yet, but I'll be following.

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