R.I.P. Conchata Ferrell


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One of the most underrated actresses in the business...incapable of giving a bad performance. I'm trying to remember the first thing I ever saw her in, it was probably her one scene in Network. Loved her on LA Law...she brought a real breath of fresh air to that show and loved her in Mr. Deeds too. And needless to say, she stole every scene she had on Two and a Half Men...what a loss...2020 has been a nightmare.

My first exposure to her was in a little-remembered sit com called Hot L Baltimore (the title referred a burnt out "E" on the hotel sign) - it was considered "racy" for it's time when it aired for one season in 1975, and it starred veteran character actor James Cromwell.

Despite her body type, Conchata played a sexy vamp (a prostitute actually) on the show.

She was always a standout even in the smallest roles and made those appearances special. I didn't know her name until just now and I haven't seen many of her movies and yet her face and style is very memorable.

I just seen her in Mr Deeds the other night and Edward Scissorhands a month or so ago. I should check out Mystic Pizza as I see she was in that one.

I've seen her in a handful of other TV shows and movies, but I'll always remember her as Berta on "Two and a Half Men".

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Her comedic timing was excellent, and you could see that even in the small roles she did in some movies. But she will generally be remembered for Two and Half men, because of popular it was with mass audience. And she was excellent in it.