Pulang 2018


After having watched this movie, I still don't know why he never returned home for 60 years and why he never wrote to his family ?

IMDB plot description:
After decades at sea, however, his low wages as a deckhand leaves him disillusioned. He contemplates returning home to his family but ended up settling down in Liverpool, England.
He was too ashamed to return home as a failure. Same reason as to why he never contacted his family.

" He was ashamed to return home as a failure" but yet he wasn't ashamed to marry her in the first place ? She accepted him the way he was and what he ended up doing was highly unfair to the wife. She should not have waited more than one year and should have started a new life with the teacher. Unless he actually tells people, one cannot know the real reason that a person does what they do, one can only speculate.

When he married her, he believed he could be her Prince Charming. After years of failure, it was easier to forget about her than to own up to his own shortcomings. And she evidently kept her promise of fidelity in her marriage.