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Color western movie hero related to a blue star


Hi everyone
it's not Starman...

I'm looking for a western movie (maybe sci-fi a little) in color and must be before 1985. but the action takes place around 1880.
there's the 2 thing i remember from it.

The hero ( good guy) seems to be related to a blue star (or maybe red) during the film he explaned (showing the star) that when the star wil disappear he will have to leave also. not sure if the man came from the space or what.

At the end of the movie there's a classic face to face duel and the good guy shoots inside the canon of the villian. i guess the villain try to shoot after and his gun blow in his face (but not sure of that) The star finaly dissapear and so the good guy.

thanks for your help.

I'm thinking of[Flaming Star]but that was no sci-fi film,just a good western with Elvis.

At first look not the one. But i'll give a second look and watch the full movie.

Thanks i let you know.

.... the good guy shoots inside the canon of the villian.....
Are you talking about an actual cannon here....the type that has wheels and sits on the ground?....or do you just mean some kind of large hand-gun?

Two more questions:
1. Could this have been a comedy film?
2. Did you rent this, or did you see it in a theater?

He shots in the revolver canon so he broke his gun. (Not a canon) sorry i don't know how to explain that in english...

I don't remember any comedy scene but it could be. I was 10 years old so i don't think it was to violent also. I was fan of terence hill so it could be one of his film with his kind of comedy.

Probably saw it on tv or rented vhs.