The Untouchables (1987) vs. Tombstone (1993)


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Which movie dealing with a legendary lawman do you think was better, or did a better job?

Tombstone had more emotional punching moments for me, but I didn't like the third act, as it just shows a montage of Earp getting all the villains, and then that's it pretty much. Not sure if a third act should have a montage as it's big piece.

The Untouchables has a stronger 3rd act considerably but the set up wasn't as effective quite.

What do you think?

It's been a while since I've seen Tombstone, but I did watch The Untouchables somewhat recently and was kind of let down by it.

The Untouchables felt like someone summarizing a story, if that makes any sense. It didn't really grab me on a personal level. It's rightfully praised for certain sequences (like the train station), but I left it feeling like I wanted more.

Tombstone has much more memorable characters and performances. Since that's the kind of thing that sticks with me more, I'd have to give the edge to Tombstone..

Tombstone also gifted us with the delightful phrase "I'm your huckleberry" and that's worth at least a few points.

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I'd say The Untouchables is the better, more consistent film. Tombstone has a handful of good characters and moments but I think it's the one that doesn't come together, not just during its third act.
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I have problems with both movies.

Brian de palma is not the right director for The Untouchables . So the blend of his style and the genre was not proper.

Tombstone is also a weird western with nothing new to bring to the table.

So in being less bad the vote goes to The Untouchables.