First time starting a review thread here, but I really wanted to gather opinions on this one. I just watched it yesterday, but it originally came out in 2009. Jared Leto stars in a film about....a lot of things. It's about immortality, multiverse theory, string theory, the butterfly effect, love, indecision, space expansion.....

Which leads to my overall criticism of the movie. There is a lot going on with separate narratives taking place at different points of the main character's life, and it takes the first 90 minutes or so to really grasp what's taking place. The running time is well over 2 hours, so there's plenty to unfold still. I wouldn't call it a slow burn kind of movie, because the pace doesn't seem to change much throughout the film, and it doesn't seem to build to a central message either in the final scenes (at least one that was unexpected).

The ideas themselves are captivating, and I recently rewatched Butterfly Effect that played on the same kind of ideas. I enjoyed that movie much more, though I realized it's faults as well. Some of the scenes in Mr. Nobody felt really empty, like most of the plot line involving his marriage to Linh Dan Pham's character. I think this movie could have used a bit more editing to trim the run time as well as make the movie more cohesive.

Leto's acting is good, yet not great, and his portrayal of the last mortal in old age was creepy the entire movie

In the end, the love timeline with Diane Kruger's character was far and away the most appealing, so I'm glad we were able to spend most of the time in that timeline. However, this was underwhelming compared to my expectations after some friends told me I NEEDED to see this. I liked Butterfly Effect better, and I liked the recent show Devs better. Again, I am welcoming other's thoughts on this to try and understand if my rating should be bumped in one direction or another.

QUICK EDIT: Soundtrack was phenomenal imo