You can listen FREE to "Sunday Morning Music Hall" on WDJO, Cincinnati from 9-11 A.M. EST every Sunday morning.

It's hosted by my old friend Carmon Deleone, who has been the conductor of the Cincinnati Ballet for over 50 years. Carmon and I played together many times at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and with other groups. Carmon is a virtuoso french horn player. He is also a drummer, and has had many big band jazz orchestras around the Cincy area. He's conducted many Broadway shows, and conducted the orchestra on a long tour with the inimitable Juliet Prowse.

His knowledge and commentary on all types of music is very insightful. He features show music, jazz, and occasional classical selections-- all with introduction and stories about the pieces. There's no rock 'n roll, but if you like good music, give the show a listen.