Wolf of Wall Street - Wasp Stronghold?


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Leo (Jordan) refers to his Country Club as a real "Wasp Stronghold", I cant come up with a very clear definition for what this means (despite googling).

I'm going to assume this means like rich ******* club or something to that effect, also is this an American saying as I don't think I've heard that before?


Actually most Americans are not of British descent, only about 7% of European-descended people. The largest group is Germans at 13%. In general however, the WASP expression refers to white, affluent Americans with northern European descent and not Catholic or Jewish and lacking accent or clothes that might disqualify them. If you have to ask, you are probably not one of them and, if you are wearing those clothes, you know which stores sell them (it counts). There might be some leeway for Catholics, depending on where you are (like Maryland, where the state was founded for English Catholics), but the general principal holds. If you're in a country club, look around and if everybody is white, and wearing those identifiable clothes, you're in WASP territory. Get yourself a G&T and start talking about your stock portfolio.

Those who identify themselves as White Americans without being able to specify their origin, which goes way back in time, are primarily of Anglo-Saxon extraction.

There are:
7,8% English descent
7,2% White American descent (WASP)
1,7% Scottish descent

Overall 16,7% of primarily Brittish descent.

Traditionally the implication of WASP-ness was primarily from New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts and up), and of course the Ivy League. JFK's election was the first to somewhat erode WASP dominance. He was Irish, but Catholic.

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