Movie with gymnasts and dead man in leopard speedo


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It's a comedy movie, probably form around 2000. I only remember two scene from this movie.

First scene: There's tree men inside a house/apartment investegating a murder, Im not sure if these men are with the police or FBI. They come inside the house and see a dead fat man wearing a leopard speedo, drowned in an aquarium, with his fat ass hanging out. As two of the men stands in the living room talking the tird guy looks into the fridge and finds popsicles, now they all just stands there, eating popsicle.

Secound scene: some gymnastic going on* as one of the athletes are about to jump over the jump box, he stops and tie his shoes. As he pretend to tie his shoes, he sabotage the springboard and leave as the next athlet hets heavily ijnured.
I think he also got in a fight with one athlet, wich ended with a tv falling on one of their head

I've seen it now I gotta remember it