Color Out Of Space

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I had a fair bit of connection to various aspects and associations, so checked it out, and was quite impressed.

I wasn't as impressed. For one thing, actually doing it according to Lovecraft is impossible because he describes the color as one that nobody's seen before. I'd seen the color in the movie. Also, it just didn't have the menace of the original story (one of my favorite Lovecraft stories), nor the 2010 version, which was black and white, except for the color. It's been a long time since I saw another version of the story, Die Monster Die and I've never seen the Color From the Dark, Italian version.

Actually seeing the movie was stranger than the film itself. It opened at a local theater for one 9:30 slot, closed the same weekend. Then, literally days later, there was a blue ray release. By the time I ordered the disk (a day or two later), the price was cut in half. All this was within a week of the release date. I don't have any idea what strategic thinking made that all happen, who at the studio had a plan that makes this work financially, but, whatever. It's sitting on my shelf now, I watched it once and had my usual eye-rolling, groaning reaction to Nick Cage, who went into serious over-acting-over-drive.

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The cinematography was incredible! Even if the story was a big thin.

My wife had not seen it so we watched it last night. She's not a horror fan but was curious. With a second watch, my impression was that the first half really dragged, weighted down by a too-slow build-up and the wooden acting of Cage, who looked like he was doing a first run-through on most scenes. Once the color started to boil up, however, it got better because the FX, running and screaming took over from the awful acting.

My favorite part of this flick, is the large story. The director, Richard Stanley, hadn't directed a movie for 20-something years, and, in the bonus features on the disc, seems to be a genuine nutcase. That, coupled with the strange release of the movie and its move to a disc release in a week and its subsequent move into the bargain bin, suggests that someone out there in movie land actually wants to make a "making of" movie, a movie about the movie, like the story behind a bad movie and how this director actually got funding, etc. The movie had 15 "producers", including Elijah Wood and several of the cast members, so I assume that anybody who ponied up a few thousand got a credit.

I'm thinking that the rot that sets in when the color arrives must have effected the cast, crew and producers.

This movie will probably turn out to be this year's biggest disappointment for me.

It's actually fun if you have the right attitude, but definitely in that genre with Plan 9, and for anybody who's interested in the original, Barnes and Noble has a bible-like book with all of Lovecraft's fiction. It's complete with bible-like paper and a purple cloth ribbon to mark your page.

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I liked it well enough. For what it's worth, I think it makes sense to make the colour itself magenta since that's apparently the closest there is to a colour that the human eye cannot process.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

This popped up in my queue due to someone doing a like. It's interesting to note that, based on the comment dates, this flick was released just before the sh*t hit the fan on Coronavirus.

Its quick trip out of theaters, to video and then to the bargain bin seems like some sort of allegory, like how, when the color moves in everything falls apart. Maybe, after all, Richard Stanley knew something the rest of us didn't know yet.

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Saw this last night. My wife and I both loved it. More unhinged Cage with trippy visuals a la Mandy? Yes, please! This wasn't as good as Mandy, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. When I think back to other films that tried to do justice to Lovecraft, I recall being mostly disappointed, even though I do like In the Mouth of Madness, weak ending and all.

Color out of Space was excellent, showing a spiraling descent into cosmic madness in true Lovecraftian style. Some beautiful scenes, as well as some truly horrific sequences that had my wife and I with our jaws on the floor while we watched. Stellar cinematography and sound design added to the experience. Will definitely check this one out again, probably during the October Halloween run-up.

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