The storm trooper hitting his head in Star Wars.


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So I was thinking about this and watched the clip again. It was an unintentional goof that the storm trooper hit his head, and was not intended:

However, watching it again, I noticed that when he hits his head, that you can hear a sound effect of it, at the same sync. And I am wondering if this was unintentional, why did they bother to put a sound effect in? Why bother to highlight the mistake?

Or did Lucas put this in later, in the special editions and that sound effect was not in the original cut?

The sound effect was added for the special editions, I think.

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Oh really? If that's true, than that's just another thing to hate about the special editions.

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It's a matter of genetics. In Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones there is a scene where Jango Fett hits his head on the door of his ship as its descending. Naturally, the clones were as equally clumsy.

Never noticed that before, nice find.