Another Nine And A Half Weeks

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a movie sequel which really could have explored a lot more, a lot more other than showing Mickey rourke devastation after she left him.
Mickey was great as the tortured John,would have liked john if he was able to move on , but that sometimes isn't reality. In theory the story was good, it just wasn't executed that well.
the art direction is lovely, the sets are sumptuous, the exteriors are shot in Paris and the French countryside are sublime, and adds to the atmosphere.
i can t help but say that it's a movie where the plot wastes the talent that Mickey rourke has got with his acting chops, rourke here shows excellently how he s devastated after the love of his life abandoned him and left him.There's no way out from his torturous pain. Mickey Rourke makes you believe it.
angie everhart is eye candy but the same cannot be said about her acting,In terms of depth, she makes Pam Anderson so happy that she went into acting.she ruins it here although the tone and the atmosphere of the first film is still there however the movie suffers from this basic aspect:
Missing the right leads, and missing any chemistry between them, if there s any...
This darkly romantic film made sense as it showcased John's inability to love again , i do love some aspects shown here in this movie.

I have no desire to see a sequel to what was a very good movie. Sometimes it’s just better to leave things as they are.
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I never knew there was a sequel to 9 1/2 Weeks
Actually it has another name aswell, Love in Paris

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I thought that the movie was not actually a sequel but another movie altogether, but then they tried to remarket it as a sequel afterward, unless I am wrong on that?