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Can't go into a full-fledged review, exactly, but after seeing Klaus got an Oscar nomination (and talking about it on the podcast, where I noted that from a distance it just looked like another mass-produced streaming animated film), I gave it a watch...and geez, it's really good. Clever Christmas origin story, lots of fun little ideas tucked away, good voice acting, surprisingly moving, and the aesthetic is gorgeous. Seems heavily influenced by Eyvind Earle:

Can't recommend this enough. Treats kids like grown-ups, pretty funny for adults, and just really well-made. Interesting camera angles and positions (which double as a way to make the most out of each gorgeous backdrop by keeping some shots static), beautiful lighting, and wonderfully exaggerated character designs and architecture.


I lost my body was a surprise nominee, along with Klaus, but made me stop and rewatch the trailer 3 times. I need to sit down and watch both of these.
Missing Link was another nominee right? Itís available on Hulu.