Dark Waters


I am surprised there is not a thread for this movie in here.

I just finished watching it, and its an impressive movie. Has shades of Erin Brokovich (minus the flashy character of Julia Roberts) and The Insider.

It's shocking how this has been snubbed by the Oscars.

And lastly, good luck using your teflon pan after watching this movie.

EDIT: I have watched Tim Robbins in quite a few movies, but this movie made me realise that the man is a giant. Even Ruffalo looked tiny in front of him. Weird how I never saw Robbins as this tall of a human being in his other movies.

Yeah this one did have an odd release schedule if I remember correctly. I do really want to see it, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Finally watched this since it hit Redbox. Makes a good case for why more regulation isn't necessarily a bad thing!

IMO, Mark Ruffalo's Robert Bilott (the atty who dogged after the chemical companies until he got sufficient settlements) was the most impressive acting I've ever seen of his. His nuance and range was impressive and, in my view, Oscar worthy. I don't know if he put on weight for the role; or perhaps it was his hairstyle, but I wouldn't have recognized him had I not known of the cast.

The rest of the cast (including Anne Hathaway as Mrs. Bilott) was first rate, and the directing was high caliber. It was enjoyable to see a nice performance by Tim Robbins.

My only misgiving was the intense feeling of familiarity with the story. There have been a large handful of film dramas which have featured the oppressed little guy who goes up against large corporations with the aid of a determined altruistic attorney. One knows all along what the outcome will likely be, which of course harms the suspense.

It was also nice for a change that the producers/writers rightly fixed some culpability for the travesty on the government, rather than the hackneyed: all corporations bad, all government good, meme.

But aside from the deja vu feel of the film, this was a highly well done and absorbing production.

Rating: 7/10