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Cinderella-like movie


I’m trying to find an old movie my sister & I used to watch. Our Grandmother taped it off the TV but there’s no title on screen after the ad breaks & she missed the opening credits. She named it ‘Princess Red Shoes’ but that’s based on content, not title. I remember a woman locked in a tower, some red shoes, and a prince who built wings. I remember the end scene had them flying away together & the camera panning over the castle as they flew. Please, if anyone knows this movie, I’d love to surprise my sister with it.

Real actors. May be a version of the original Cinderella story from Egypt as I think I remember a bird stealing one or both of the shoes. Can’t be 100% sure on that though as it was a long time ago.

It does sound like the Rhodopis version:
Rhodopis was getting ready to go back, when a great falcon, "the symbol of the god Horus," came. Rhodopis bowed to him, and he flew off, but he had one of her slippers in his talons.
I can't find your version, but I would focus on searches using that name.

Hi. Approximately what year did you and your sister see this film? Also, do you remember if there were any songs during the film? (a musical movie maybe).

I'm finding an alternate spelling of Rhodope, but it's about a tale of love with another slave, Aesop, so that might be a blind alley to search.

I wonder if you're remembering scenes from 'Ever After: A Cinderella Story' (1998). In this film, the Cinderella character has a pair of wings created for her, and......if you click the link under the photo here, it'll take you to a scene from the film. Go to 27:00s of the clip, and you'll see that the film ends with a flyover shot of an amazing looking castle.

Click for 'castle flyover' scene ==>

Thanks everyone. I’ve been looking for film versions of Rhodopis but no luck so far. It would have been easily 20-25 years ago that we saw it. No music that I can recall. Definitely not Ever After, I’m very familiar with that movie & it was well before that one came out

Hooray, it really does exist! - It's a 1987 Czech film called 'O Princezne Jasnence a letajicim ševci' (Princess Jasnenka and the Flying Shoemaker). There are a pair of red shoes for the princess, and her prince makes some wings to rescue her from the tower,'s all there KatLane

Scallywag you’re amazing! I never thought I’d find it. I could have sworn we watched it in English but at least this gives me a truck load more info than I had before. And we can watch it! Thank you so much ☺️

Hi KatLane. I'm very glad that I was able to help on this occasion - - (and thank you for your kind words).