AMC The Prisoner (2009)


That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
I'm curious if anyone remembers this series from AMC? I just stumbled upon it (the series name) after having been passively looking for the title for the better part of a decade. All I could remember was that the trailer felt like Lost, had Magneto (maybe), and there was a weird, white sphere following him around.

I thought it was from A&E which probably was the source of my misstep in finding this title. I never watched it, but remember wanting to after seeing a trailer for it near its release date. Then, *poof*, that was that.

So have any of you watched this solitary series with Ian McKellen?
(that sphere thingy is at 1:05)

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Haven't seen it, but thanks for the tip, ynwtf. We'll check it out. I saw a bit of the original, but don't recall too much about it except for the Patrick McGoohan character.

Loved the original, started a bit on the new one but realized it was wildly different, mostly changing the things I liked best about the original, so I never finished it.