horses bears runaway kids


saw this way back when.a movie about kids running away from home.
a journey wild stallions or bears and a sound of a woman singing a song about were are or were such and such something like Barbra streisandats the way were kind of thing at the open credits closing credits.
the late 60s early 70s. was supposed to depict youth in America at the age of the Vietnam war, and kids growing up fast as adults,
many thanks in advance sorry for the grammar if its a little off; learning disability..

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So the movie took place during the 1960s or 1970s, during the Vietnam War? Or was it made at that time but was set in a different time?

thanks but i the time frame from those 2 decades it diddnt look like it was made after.

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Okay, I will simplify this:
1) When was the movie made?
2) When was the movie set (i.e. what time period does the story take place?)

These can be different.