Question about the story to Broadcast News (1987).


WARNING: "SPOILERS" spoilers below
I don't understand why it was such a big deal that Tom has to shoot his reaction to the woman he was interviewing, after her interview, cause he only had one camera.

The woman was a victim of rape, which is what the interview was about and even she understood that it would make for a more powerful news story.

But why was Jane hugely offended by this? All Tom did was get creative when he only had one camera to work with. She even said it was a breach of ethics for the news. But if this was such a breach of ethics, then why did Tom keep the tape in the office for anyone to view at any time?

When I went to film school, I did an interview for a documentary, and I had only had camera, and I shot all my shots after the interview, reacting to it. Was that bad of me? It's called a filmmaker getting creative when they only have one camera.

So was she overreacting, or no?