Movie where a cop search for a bad guy by filtering out audio???


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Please help! I`m in search of a movie(s) from 80s-early90s where a cop (detective) in the police office comes to a guy (specialist) with rack of recorders, equalizers e.t.c. and he puts the record (some kind of telephone call record or conditions) of a bad guy and they filter out different sounds out (like sound of a street or bus or metro e.t.c.) to find (or guess) the place where the bad guy is...

Surely memorable scene...
Please help!

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Sounds vaguely familiar but I could be mixing a few movies up here. I remember a scene in which police have recorded a call, may be a ransom call, and they narrow the possible locations by background sounds. I believe they heard a fog horn and/or the sounds of an above ground rail train. They cross-reference locations near a waterway that could have boats with fog horns and subway openings.

Try Ransom (1996), The Bone Collector (1999), or maybe even Out of Time(2003). I'm leaning on Ransom but I honestly can't remember. I thought I remembered Mark Wahlberg, but maybe not. Donnie wahlberg was in ransom so that's a flag for me. At least for what I think I'm remembering.

Enemy of the State had some ridiculous tech that government agents used to track people. Doubt that's it but might help narrow things down some.

The Fugitive - Harrison Ford talks to Tommy Lee Jones and they've recorded the call. When they analyze the call and hear "Balbo Station" in the background, they realize he's in Chicago.

I can't find the video of that scene, but here's a website that discusses it.