What do you think of Angel Heart (1987)?


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I saw the movie again, after quite a few years. I feel that it's close but no cigar perhaps, as the cinematography, sets, music, costumes and acting is all very good actually. The style is great!

However, once the ending comes and the you find out what the private detectives investigation all amounts too, it doesn't really amount to much. There are all these deaths, and people who wanted the main character out of the way, trying to stop him along the way, but in the end, you find out that all these characters and their subplots in the investigation didn't even matter.

It's like the writers thought well, we have a premise, and we have an ending to that premise, now we need to find things to fill in the space in between. Unless I'm looking at it the wrong way?

Still love the style and atmosphere, and it might be worth watching just for that! What do you think?

Never seen it.
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there s a thread about this movie, search for it please before making new threads about same topic

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Oh sorry, I can post it there, then sorry.