Possible garden of Eden movie kind of sci to horror


It's a pretty oldish movie I can only remember bits but I'll try to describe the best can

Ok it's meant to be sort of the end of the world and it had matthew mcconaughay or some one who looks a lot like him he's rather the devil or death and he's looking for the garden of Eden or something biblical like that as he walks threw crowds people just seem to go nuts and start fighting. There's a car crash or he causes the car to crash and In side is a young Gothic couple the girl looks a lot like a young Helena Bonham carter and she goes threw the windscreen but this devil or death guy just brings her back and takes her to a cheap and dirty cafe she takes his gun casually and shoots her self like it's nothing but doesn't die or can't die.

Later on in the film the devil death guy and the both girl are In and under ground boiler room looking place.

Have no idea at all what so e we thought it might be a Stephen king movie or what ever but please help cause this id is totally kicking my arse

Thank you .

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The gothic couple in a car crash sounds vaguely like The Prophecy II, starring Christopher Walken.

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