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My roomie's girfriend made us rent this film tonight and I am glad she did.

The film which was originally produced for television is from 2002 and if I have understood it correctly it was inspired by a play with the same name. Apparantly the play Bang, Bang, You're Dead has been played by students in schools all over America and I believe it is in some way about the Columbine tragedy. The american memebers probably know more about this than me.

The main character in the film, Trevor (played by Ben Foster), is an outcast that is being bullied by the members of his high school's football team. He's spent the summer in summer school and therapy for seriously threatening to blow up the football team. When he comes back the daily terror continues and he ends up with a group of kids, called Trogs, that spend their free time shooting guns and preparing for a war with the football team, a war that soon becomes reality and that threatens to turn real ugly. At the same time Trevor ends up playing the leading role in a school play - that's right, in the play Bang, Bang, You're Dead - because a new girl in school, Jenny (Jane McGregor), who is also in the play catches his attention. His film teacher, Mr Duncan (Tom Cavanagh), is the one directing the play and he is also the only one who really understands what is going on with Trevor. He knows that Trevor has a talent for acting and since the part is actually about Trevor in a way Mr Duncan appears to be thinking that doing the play will make Trevor realize some things about himself. Because of the topic of the play together with Trevor's past and the worrying things that goes on in school lead to the play being stopped. And when Trevor makes a film about killing one of his enemies, a guy on the football team, things look pretty bad for him. Meanwhile, the Trogs are preparing for the final revenge in the school cafeteria.

The film is about how Trevor who's being abused physically and mentally in school every single day, yelled at by his parents and treated as the root to all evil by most teachers and the other students in school is being driven to commit terrible actions to end his hell. It is about how the cruelty of kids and the ignorance of adults together with the easy access to guns and explosives can and does lead to catastrophic events.

The film that is more than inspired by what happened in Columbine treats that tragedy with great intelligence and understanding for what is really important and without the sensationalism that you would probably expect. You would also expect, because of what the film is about, that it would leave you with a hopeless feeling in your gut, but without any Hollywood cheesyness I was left with a positive vibe in me by this very powerful movie.

The actors, who actually looked like they were high school kids rather than teen models, were all great. Guy Ferland, the director, has really succeed in making everyone do a really inspired job and the main guy, Ben Foster was amazing. (Does this guy look like Justin Timberlake or what?). The script is really good and it delivers a really important message. At the same time it was a very thrilling experience to watch it and it contains several moments filled with suspense.

I saw Donnie Darko the other day and these two films make me wonder if we are killing (physically or intellectually) our greatest talents. There will always be a set norm, something that most people are expected to follow, I guess. But when the norm starts to exterminate everything that is different, then we are really in trouble....
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Bang, Bang, You're Dead is an extremely interesting film.
It's the kind of movie that after watching, you just sit there thinking about what you have just witnessed... You need to process it...

It is interesting to know that the writer of the script, William Mastrosimone, actually wrote the play Bang, Bang, You're Dead...

And while it has been said that Ben Foster was amazing as the teen in trouble, I think it is Tom Cavanagh who is brilliant, totally past his Ed persona & is just great as the teacher trying to save Ben Foster's character...

When Foster & Cavanagh are together on screen the atmosphere is just electric... Especially in the scene where the teacher tells the rebel how to be the character in the play...

Compelling viewing... *****
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The part I like most about Bang, Bang, You're Dead is the video that Trevor puts together himself, when they show it to all the bullies and teachers, it's so powerful. Ben Foster was the best thing about that film, great performance.

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hey bang bang ur ded is 1 of my favrt movys probly cuz i livd that ... newyz rite thers the part that hes with his parents the techers n cops n they wach his tape.. duz ne1 have the script of that part? i dont no how 2 find the script 4 that movy n im loking al over. i started waching it n puasing it evry sec n riting it dwn but thats krazy even 4 me .. so if ne1 has it can u email it 2 me plz? [email protected]

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Be patient with our Continental cousins, Pid.

This person's obviously a citizen of Txtoria, their native tongue is interesting to say the least - I believe it's being studied in schools thesedays.

I've picked up enough to attempt a traditional Txtorian goes...

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Hi, i'm from Argentina, I'd just seen this film and i'm interested in playing it here in my country, but the problem is that i can't find the Script of the play... does anybody know where can i find it?
Thanks very much

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I'm Not Stupid, I looked there, but i can't find it. Everything leads me to, but that page does not exist...
Does anybody know some other plase were i can find it?

Wow! I didn't see the link you put in your last message!
I'm sorry! And Thank you very much! You are so ****ing eficient!