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Did you like THE SHAPE OF WATER?


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"That may be, but I've got the Falcon."

Nabbed it from the library...gotta say it’s a quirky flick.

Sally Hawkins, wow—what a body for a 42yo lady!—wasn’t expecting so much nudity but like Del Toro said, it was done artfully. The “let’s cause severe water damage” scene had me rolling but I was also like “wow, that is a beautiful scene.”

The CGI & costuming was neat...Desplat’s score is nice as per usual, and I like the heart of the romance/story.

Did this movie speak to you? Did you hate it? Let’s broaden things up, too: do you think it is a deserving Best Picture? Where does it stack up with other BPs?

I will say it’s a visually pleasant film, too.

Interesting theme about the healing powers...and what the fish man represents? The black-and-white dance number was unexpected. Things like that sorta set it apart from your usual movie.

Michael Shannon’s disgruntled turn is hard to not like, too. Still watching at the moment. But I’mma at least give it a 7/10.

Were the Russian scenes purposely not subtitled?

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It was not bad, but I have to say I wasn't that moved by it really. I feel like the woman and the creature needed more time to develop their loving relationship and a lot of their development together was shorn by a montage, and you can't montage love, otherwise the audience just doesn't feel it as much. I wasn't feeling the bond as much as I should have.

Also the villain's sex life with his wife was depicted in a weird random way, that seemed off base with the rest of the movie. But maybe I need to watch it again.

I just loved the movie shape of water. the way that girl takes care of that water creature. I am so touched by the message they have given about treating everyone equally even if they live on the earth or inside the water.

I felt it was a little uneven, I enjoyed Sally Hawkin's performance/character and actually felt she was more deserving of a best actress win than the film was best picture/director although as BP winners go it wasn't bad at all and better than the majority of the noms.

I'd say the intension was really to treat Hawkin's character as an adult, there is a tendency for such characters to be treated as childlike onscreen(as indeed other characters treat her here) and arguably in real life as well so showing her as sexually active obviously went against that. The rest of the story I didn't think was quite as successful, the cold war drama was a bit clichéd for me and ultimately the plot around her friends homosexuality didn't really go anywhere, even the romance with the creature felt a bit rushed to me although again I think the focus was more on Hawkin's character individually there.

I didn't like it much, though I liked the actors themselves, they did a good job. My review:

The Shape of Water (2017)

Director: Guillermo del Toro
Writers: Guillermo del Toro & Vanessa Taylor (screenplay)
Cast: Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, Michael Shannon
Genre: Drama-Romance, Fantasy

Winner of the Oscar for Best Picture

I'd call this, The Shape of Things to Come. Because this is where Hollywood is heading: Dumbed down, sappy scripts...with really good actors and stylish sets...Add to that mix, a few socially relative messages tacked on for 21st sensibilities, and you get the illusion of something far more grandiose than the potboiler script can actually deliver...The Shape of Water masquerades as something far greater than it really is and that's a pity.

It's a film that's all dressed up with a du jour color pallet, in this case it's teal, not green, TEAL. Teal is everywhere in the sets and clothing, until our girl Friday takes a spin, with the creature and starts wearing cherry red.

All these go-nowhere add-ons creates an illusion of film grandiose. And these mag wheels and racing stripes on mom's 4 door car, won it an Oscar. I haven't seen all the other nominations for last year, but there had to be something better than this mishmash serving of gravy without potatoes.

Ugh, did the movie drag for me! I didn't buy into the romance that happened way to quick, and the Soviet spies were a dopey script idea right out of a B budget movie. Come to think of it, if this had been a low budget movie made in the early 1980s, it would be one of those so bad you like it flicks. Pixar does this type of story so much better.

Though I have to say, as over the top that his cattle-prod wielding ass was,
Michael Shannon the actor was damn good in this. He was so intense and so into his character that I was kind of rooting for him. I mean he's hard not to like, he's so over the top and yet totally focused, he's a fine actor. Too bad this wasn't done in a black comedy style, then the finger ripping scene would have been a hoot!

I liked Richard Jenkins in this and I really liked Sally Hawkins too, then again I always like her. I thought her deep friendship with her closeted gay next door neighbor was the best part of the film. That felt real and special.

But I wish the creature idea had been left at the Marvel/DC doorstep, and a more serious film about outsider people struggling in the early 1960s and feeling isolated because of their differences....that would have made a much more stronger film, than what we get.

Overall, no. It's del Toro so obviously parts of it are magical. But the stuff I care about the most, like dialogue and story, weren't good, and that overshadows the strong parts (production design, cinematography, acting). The villain is borderline comical in how flat and pernicious they are, and wasting Michael Shannon on a character like that is a cinematic sin I can't forgive.

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
Shot by my work, so seeing aspects of my commute everyday turn up in this film took me out of it for a bit.

Overall, I'm a fan though. Probably not enough to watch it a second time though.
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Probably not enough to watch it a second time though.
That says a lot to me. I rewatch good movies/movies I love and I'm not alone in that habit.

Something that won best ****ing picture should be worth a rewatch, no?

It was a decent film, but not worth a second viewing, and definitely not worth a Best Picture Oscar.
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I think it won the Oscar cause the Oscars are suckers for forbidden romance historical movies, which is not always a bad thing, as there are good ones too.

I think it won the Oscar cause the Oscars are suckers for forbidden romance historical movies, which is not always a bad thing, as there are good ones too.
I think the Oscars are lost.

I LOVED The Shape of Water, but I have to admit I've only watched it once, where I've already watched Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga three times.
Consistently, I thought Brad Cooper's A Star Is Born lukewarm.

I was surprised Sally Hawkins did a nude scene. She’s been hiding a nice body, for sure. And 42 years of age is not old!

The movie was okay. Extremely over-rated & over-hyped, to say the least. I would never want to buy it or watch it again.
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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Yes, I liked it a lot. I had mixed feelings about it winning the Oscar, though, as it is so quirky and winning was always going to bring about a certain amount of backlash.