Favourite MCU film?


Infinity war for me.

They're all formulaic garbage that sucks hard.

So none.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming, followed by Ant-Man and the Wasp. They are fun and not too concerned with setting up the next movie (if you don't count the post-credit endings).

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Iron Man (2008).

Captain Marvel.

Why? Because she is the strongest. I agree that besides her character, the movie by itself is not very good but I kinda loved her character.

The best-executed movie in MCU is the first, Iron Man.

I do not care that much for the Avengers movies because the characters feel like they were artificially pulled from disparate universes, so thematically to me, it feels these movies lack consistency which makes them feel less "real" and more like fanfiction.

Hmmmm. This is a toughie. In terms of story, design, cinematography and sound. Black Panther by a very small margin. If we are talking about favorites, then winter soldier is my favorite
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I always go between Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.
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Black Panther. Besides having amazing performances from Boseman and Jordan and being so much fun, I like that there are shades of grey in its drama. It's not just about good guys and bad guys. I realize that Winter Soldier, which I also really like, has them too, but that movie is not as much fun as this one.

Not a huge fan of the MCU overall, but Winter Soldier is my favorite. It's the only time a Marvel film managed to craft a compelling character dynamic which wasn't lost in the action scenes.

Winter Soldier, easily. It's one of the only ones to work as a somewhat self-contained story, have not totally weightless action and involve credible personal stakes for the characters and reflect on their ideologies.