Death on airplane scene


The scene is on an airplane and the movie from the 80s or 90s.
Main character is I think kept on the plane against his will possibly under guard, but during the flight he kills the guy holding him with a bit of stealth, he gets away when the plane lands, the stewardess tries to wake the dead guy and upon realising he's dead let's out a scream.

Does the stewardess scream?

I thought it was Commando but i could have sworn the stewardess screamed when trying to wake the dead guy, that's why I thought it was another movie.

In my head I remember the stewardess poking the guy to wake him (maybe when landed) and his hand or arm falling lifeless, then she screamed

Maybe not during flight but I may have got scenes mixed up from different movies. I've seen COMMANDO and know the scene but the scene in trying to link with movie is a stewardess screaming when she sees the passenger is dead. I could have sworn the dead guy had someone under guard but maybe that's where COMMANDO comes in.

•stewardess tries to wake dead guy
•when she taps him his arm or limb flops
•she screams because the guy is dead

Sorry for trying heads


I've just realized that Father Jack knocking out his fellow airline passenger in Father Ted was very Commando.