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Reservoir Dogs

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I must say for quentin tarantino's first major movie, it is very impressive.

I loved the dialogue between all the major characters. But there are a few things i didnt get. Why the long dialogue seen in the beginning? Surely if that scene was cut out of the movie, nothing would have been lost in terms of character development.

Also why didnt they leave the warehouse, when they realize the robbery had gone belly up? Mr Pink (Buscemi) was saying a lot of things that i was thinking myself.

What if some of them had been captured and were singing like canaries as to where they were meeting up. Wouldnt it made a lot of sense for those guys to go to another location, and somehow get the word to everyone that that place was no longer a safe place to be at.

Anyway, all the performances were amazing. especially that of Masden, that is one of the best bad guy performances i have ever seen, i truly belived this guy was sadistic, and got off on hurting people.

By the way, did anyone catch Mr Pink getting shot by the police at the end? You have to watch the movie with earphones to pick up on it. Either that or they just arrested him.

I put it in the top 3 Tarrantino films has made.

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I'd make the case that the diner scene is character development. It's a subtly organic means of developing the core ensemble through their interactions with one another e.g. the entire tipping debate between White and Pink showing the former's honourable sensitivity compared to the latter's selfish rationalisation, to say nothing of how

WARNING: "Dogs" spoilers below
Orange being the one to tell Joe that Pink didn't tip foreshadows how he's the rat

As for why they don't just leave the warehouse, I think the logic (such as it is) is that the guys Joe picked for the job are all long-time associates of his so he trusts them not to rat him out, besides which the more fiercely loyal characters like Blonde and Eddie insist on the group staying put over the protestations of White/Orange/Pink. It makes sense given how the drama is driven by the conflict between characters' loyalties (or lack thereof) and more pragmatic concerns (hence why Pink, arguably the most selfish of the bunch, is the one arguing that they should ditch the warehouse).
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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When I first saw it about 10 years ago, I didn't think much of it, as my friends kept telling me I have to see it, back then. Watching it again recently now, I still don't get why it's considered to be such a masterpiece. I feel it's a very average kind of crime thriller movie to be honest.

Now you could say that's because this is the first of it's kind, and I'm probably just use to all the knock offs. But this movie did come out after other crime movies that I think are much better like The Godfather, or Goodfellas, etc. And as far as heist movies go, I feel that their were better ones before this like The Sting or something like that.

Reservoir Dogs is not a terrible movie by any means, and it's definitely okay, I just don't get why it's haled as much a masterpiece. I feel that it's probably Tarantino's second least best movie after Death Proof, but that is just my opinion. I mainly feel that Tarantino doesn't explore his characters near as much as he does in other movies by comparison, and the movie feels short and rushed overall.

I read the screenplay and there's one major difference in the ending

WARNING: spoilers below
Mr. Pink was the only one that lived. In the movie QT changed it to where you can hear him being shot down in the background.