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Woman whistleblower; hitmen kills journalist; woman escapes death ---


A couple years or so ago I saw a film on my computer about a woman whistleblower of sorts (who I think worked for some secret govt agency) who was about to hand to a male reporter a flash drive (containing secrets, I suppose). They were in a secluded location. They were interrupted when an SUV that turned out had 2 govt hitmen arrived in the area. After a car chase both were captured. The male reporter was killed but the woman (the film suggests in the end) was able to escape.

I don't think this film ever made it to the movie theaters. It might have been an indie film.

I've searched the Internet every now and then trying to get this film's title to no avail. I'd really appreciate the Forum's help.

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Sorry, it sounds like it could be from most modern thrillers.

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Could you maybe tell us more about this secluded location? Anything about the appearance of the actors? What country it was set in? Any more details?

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Sounds like a scene from The Amazon Prime show The Man in The High Castle, but that was set in the 40's, so definitely no flash drive.
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I'm sure the location is in the USA (so, most likely a U.S. film production). All actors (there were just 4: male reporter, woman whistleblower, 2 hired killers) were Americans; none of them "famous." The hitmen seemed to be gov't contract killers 'coz in one scene a small plane that seemed that it came from a govt agency landed to pick up one of the hitmen after the hit. The location (secluded place) reminded me of where Mr. White and Jessie of Breaking Bad parked their camper to cook their first batch of meth (desert-like with nearby hills, rocks).
After the car chase in that rocky, dry place, the woman and the reporter were brought to what seemed like a big barn where the hitmen parked their SUV. The hitmen first took the male reporter out from the barn to be killed, while the woman was left in the SUV to await her fate. She tried to free herself ( I think both of them were hogtied) but the hitmen arrived before she could. Then one of the hitmen took her out to be buried in the same grave where the reporter's body was in. I cannot recall exactly how the film ended except that the ending scene suggested that the woman somehow escaped death (she was not in the grave).
There was also a scene where while driving in their SUV the hitmen were talking at length about their backgrounds but I jsut cant recall all the details and so I don't know the significance of those scenes about them talking about their backgrounds. One reason I very much want to see this film again.
I got the impression that the woman was working for some top secret govt agency (like the NSA) and came across some very important info that she believes the public needs to know.
I dont know when the film was made, but it was definitely "modern" if only based on the late model of the hitmen's SUV, flash drive, attire, etc. It must be within the last 3-4 years when I saw the film.

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Still sounds to me like a fairly "generic" thriller. There really aren't any details that make this sound unique, sorry.

A friend suggested I browse thru Putlocker to see if I could find the film. I tried to but there were a lot of pop up ads that I discontinued my browsing. I'll check if it's safe to browse Putlocker (w/ all the pop ups); if so, I'll continue browsing/searching it. Thank you all for your attention.

Found it: "If There's A Hell Below"; but still have why's and how's about the ending.