Questions about The Godfather Part II (spoilers)



This is my first post on this forum.

I'd like to know what people's views are on what they felt was really going on in The Godfather Part II as a lot of it is not explained.

It is never revealed who was behind the assassination attempt at the start of the film - I suppose as Michael never finds out then the audience doesn't have to know either.

The Cuba deal between Michael and Roth is never fully explained nor is the information that Fredo provided to Johnny Ola.

I have my own views on the assassination attempt and the Cuba deal which I'll put forward but I would like to hear what others have to say first.


Hyman was responsible! Michael just made Hyman think he thought Pentangelli was responsible to get close to him. Watch the movie again. The thing about the Godfather movies is that you pick up more everytime you watch them.

I've seen it many times. Michael made Roth think he thought Pentangeli was responsible but he also made Pentangeli think he thought Roth was responsible. I think Roth was behind it.

I've seen some internet discussions where people have said that Fredo was actually a cold blooded killer who ordered the assassination attempt on Michael and then killed the two hitmen himself when it failed!!!

What rubbish!! Fredo was a wimp.

What did you think about the Cuba deal? My interpretation of it was that Michael and Roth on the surface weren't putting a deal together where they could make enough money with the friendly Cuban government to be able to back a US Presidential candidate who would be equally friendly and accommodating if he got to the White House.

However I think deep down both Michael and Roth were just using it as an opportunity to get rid of the other. Why would Roth need $2 million from Michael for the Cuban deal when Roth was worth $300 million?

Roth had the finances to do the deal with the Cuban government himself. He didn't need Michael.

These articles can describe it best. If you need extra information of the Godfather stories, the wiki is the best place to go. It's not discussions; it's really what happened.

Thanks for the reply but if it didn't happen on screen or was outlined some other way then its just conjecture.